2015 Industry Showcase

World Cafe Live in Philadelphia

World Cafe Live in Philadelphia

As part of our next KindieComm, we are excited to host the 2015 KindieComm Industry Showcase – Saturday, March 21 at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia – starting 8pm.

The Industry Showcase will continue the tradition of being basically a party for people doing music for families, with dozens of musicians gathering together to play for each other and folks in the industry. Held within the beautiful World Cafe Live venue, which was built from the ground-up with the musician in mind – the showcase is a chance to celebrate the wild, wonderful world of Kindie!

We will have a dozen slots available – each 15 minutes in length (3 per hour, with a bit of buffer for changeovers) … if you would like to be considered for the 2015 Industry Showcase, simply complete this form; include your name, your band/performance name, email and website. Make sure the website has access to audio files that showcase your music.


Our hope is to have the Industry Showcase booked and artists announced by December 12, 2014. This page will transform into a listing of the performers (featuring web links etc), to give you a sample of what to expect Saturday night!

6 comments on “2015 Industry Showcase

  1. junglegymjam says:

    Good luck to all the mega-talented and imaginative kindie acts out there! Many of you inspire me to do my best work by the force of your creations (and you give my 3-year-old some great tunes to groove to!)

  2. Mr. Chris says:

    Right On!…and well said! – being a kindie artist is by far the grooviest thing I’ve ever done in my life (well…..next to getting married & making babies!!) – peace & love to you all

  3. Sukey says:

    Fantastic! Wish we could be there!

  4. Awesome line-ups all around. Looking forward to being there!

  5. See you all in the City of Brotherly Love in just a few days! Looking forward to our day together!

  6. […] KindieComm, a brand new music conference, debuts this weekend at World Cafe Live Philadelphia. WXPN’s award winning program for children, Kids Corner, hosts the only independent music conference for family entertainers paired with a music festival specifically designed for kids ages 12 & under. Saturday evening is 21 years old +  industry only showcase for family musicians and those who promote them and play their music.  Sunday morning starts the family day with performances from Kids Corner favorites Trout Fishing In America, pictured above, Dan Zanes, and others. […]

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