2015 KindieComm Industry Showcase

World Cafe Live in Philadelphia

World Cafe Live in Philadelphia

As part of our next KindieComm, we are excited to host the 2015 KindieComm Industry Showcase – Saturday, March 21 at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia – starting 8pm.

The Industry Showcase will continue the tradition of being basically a party for people doing music for families, with dozens of musicians gathering together to play for each other and folks in the industry. Held within the beautiful World Cafe Live venue, which was built from the ground-up with the musician in mind – the showcase is a chance to celebrate the wild, wonderful world of Kindie!

Hosting the KindieComm Industry Showcase are two powerful voices who truly LOVE Kindie music; Kids Corner/WXPN-FM host Kathy O’Connell and Kids Place Live/SiriusXM host Mindy Thomas!

Kathy has been championing radio for kids since for over 30 years, first as host of Small Things Considered in New York City, then co-host of America’s first national kids radio program KIDS AMERICA, followed by hosting Kids Corner in Philadelphia on WXPN-FM (now into its 28th year!). When not hanging at Kids Corner, Kathy loves her dog, her passion for classic television and all things Soupy Sales!

As host of the Absolutely Mindy Show – part of Kids Place Live on SiriusXM – Mindy considers it just an excuse to prolong her own childhood, which she spent sitting in her closet playing radio. She had the number one radio station in the whole house, and this gave her confidence to try it after college. When she’s not busy talking into her hairbrush microphone, she can be found playing in the great outdoors, teaching her cat how to smile, trying to learn the banjo, paying parking tickets, or dancing like a hillbilly!


(alpha order)


(New York)

They Might Be Giants’ bassist Danny Weinkauf throws his voice into family music with a winning debut effort, ‘No School Today’. This upbeat collection of original tunes includes an adorable duet with Laurie Berkner (“Our Love Fits”) and a salute to science (“Archaeology”). “Ambivalent” may or may not become a favorite.


hullabaloo bandHULLABALOO


Over the course of ten years Hullabaloo has won twelve national awards, received rave reviews from People, Parenting, Parents, Cookie and Parent & Child Magazines and landed on three national “Top 10 Best Children’s Music” lists. At last count, they’d sold just over 30,000 CDs. But the truth is, none of these facts and figures matter a bit to kid that just wants to sing and dance. What really matters is that Hullabaloo is a foot-stomping, wing-flapping celebration of song that honors and entertains kids and families.


johnhadfieldJOHN HADFIELD


The lyrics are clever and funny and often tell a story. The music plays in your head way past its bedtime. From the mysterious trench coated secret agent in I Want to be a Spy to the wiry box juggling Stink Monkey, audience members will not want to take their eyes or ears off the stage. John sings the blues with his favorite toaster, spins plates, banters and sings a duet with his imaginary friend Tippytoes (who magically appears), tosses hats, stretches his arms, and turns his head completely around backwards – all for the sake of comedy.


joshandgabJOSH & GAB


Josh Verbanets and Gab Bonesso are two Pittsburgh-based writers, performers, educators, and public personalities. Their works have entertained and informed audiences of all ages on both a regional and national scale; together, Josh and Gab have formed an unforgettable high-energy musical-comedy duo with a focus on an anti-bullying message.


Mr.-Stinky-FeetMR. STINKY FEET


Mr. Stinky Feed (aka kid-rocker Jim Cosgrove) has emerged as one of America’s leading family entertainers. He travels the country carrying a message that resonates with people young and old – hang on to the wonder of youth and love yourself, your neighbor, and the earth. Embodying these themes in his own life, his authenticity adds to his appeal, and his music and concerts are universally well-received.


nfinitymuzikN-FINITY MUZIK


Nfinity Muzik is young fresh talent from New Haven, CT – dedicated to bringing back good, clean music to the youth of New Haven and beyond. They love life and love to create music that’s relatable to their community. Nfinity Muzik is a family band of brothers and sisters from age 12 – 16 who use the life-changing events they’ve had growing up to write and produce music that holds a lesson for all of us


seanster_monstersSEANSTER & THE MONSTERS

(Winnipeg, Canada)

Stuck somewhere between They Might be Giants and Fred Penner, Seanster and the Monsters are always coming up with new ways to engage and entertain crowds both young and old. The band’s debut CD, Yay!, spans the genre spectrum from folk to hip hop to rock to create a sound that is pleasing to the ears of children and parents alike.



(Washington D.C.)

Nickelodeon’s Parents’ Picks #1 Party Entertainer in Washington, DC, The Singing Lizard is moving kids to the beat of an entirely new genre: Electro-Kindie Music! Melding eclectic electronica and soulful pop, Electro-Kindie is music the whole family can enjoy. The Singing Lizard comfortably inhabits her own sound, somewhere between eclectic electronica and soulful pop. She will have you singing and dancing with joy in no time.



(Washington DC)

Andrés Salguero, one of the most exciting new voices on the family music scene, will make you bailar y aprender! A native of Colombia, both his debut CD and his live performances are infused with south of the border sensibilities. Andrés has deep roots in the Latin music world, with over a decade of experience playing Latin Jazz, Salsa, Norteño and Latin folkloric music.

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