2018 Industry Showcase

World Cafe Live in Philadelphia

World Cafe Live in Philadelphia

As part of our next KindieComm, we are excited to host the 2018 KindieComm Industry Showcase – Saturday, April 21 at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia – starting 8pm.

The Industry Showcase will continue the tradition of being basically a party for people doing music for families, with dozens of musicians gathering together to play for each other and folks in the industry. Held within the beautiful World Cafe Live venue, which was built from the ground-up with the musician in mind – the showcase is a chance to celebrate the wild, wonderful world of Kindie!

Over the past two KindieComm gatherings we have featured a rounded selection of new names and established Kindie artists releasing new music — the hope is that the KindieComm Industry Showcase offers a musical snapshot of the Kindie industry as we look ahead!

KindieComm is proud to announce the line up for the 2018 KindieComm Industry Showcase – Saturday, April 21 at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia!

(in alphabetical order)

billy-jonasBILLY JONAS

For 25 years, Billy Jonas — performer, singer-songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and educator — has perfected the art of the neo-tribal hootenanny with audiences around the globe. Billy developed his craft in the late 1980‘s as a founding member of the Oberlin College Big Bang Theory performance art collective. He refined things further in Chicago during monthly “Bangalong with Billy” shows at the No Exit Cafe, and subsequently in the 1990‘s as a co-founder (with Bill Melanson) of the funky folk duo The Billys. Billy tours solo and with Billy Jonas Band, who were honored with a White House performance in 2010. Using voice, guitar, and homemade industrial re-percussion, each concert is a soul-spelunking, heart healing, joy-filled journey.


Jungle Gym Jam music is made for a truly interactive family experience – live in person, in online concerts, in videos and on record. The live show is where “Jersey Jason” and “Awesome Amy” really shine. They perform both as an acoustic duo and with a full electric band, depending on the needs of the venue and the audience. Freeze dancing, puppets, hand percussion instruments for the audience to try and humor are all elements in a Jungle Gym Jam show.

littlemissannLITTLE MISS ANN

Ann Torralba aka Little Miss Ann is an award winning kids musician, a former Chicago Public School teacher,  a mom, a veteran instructor at Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music, and a first generation Filipina-American. Little Miss Ann considers herself a late bloomer. She is very happy to have found something she LOVES to do. She really enjoys playing music that brings happiness to kids as well as sending positive messages to young souls.


From Preschool of Rock founder Michael Napolitano comes Michael & The Rockness Monsters.   An interactive, super galactic – funk inspired, rock-n-roll experience for families. During his 10 year tenure as founder of Preschool of Rock Michael wrote, produced, performed and recorded 5 records leaving him super tuned in to the landscape of children’s music.  His 10 years as a member of the Blue Man Group Creative Team is evident in the slamming drum beats and eclectic instrumentation that will get your hips moving.



For all the songs out there, and all the music programs, there weren’t always a lot that specifically worked for these Early Childhood themes and concepts – the themes I had built my curriculum around. So, I started writing songs anywhere I felt a need for one, and soon I had an album’s worth of music. Whether songs that sprang up from the books we read, like The Brown Bear Rap, or about washing our hands or about trains – I suddenly had a knack for writing preschool appropriate songs great for the classroom, and perfect for the Early Childhood community because it was designed especially for them and the people who love them.

Chocolalala-406x300Mister G

A Latin GRAMMY Award winner for Best Children’s Album, Mister G (Ben Gundersheimer) has been called “a bilingual rockstar” by The Washington Post and “irresistible”by People Magazine. His 2017 release, Mundo Verde/Green World, is a collection of environmental-themed songs which were debuted at his concert during the National Climate Rally in Washington, DC. Spanning genres from bluegrass to bossa nova, funk to folk, his dynamic, original music has won praise coast to coast!

rockinredROCKIN’ RED

Rockin’ Red is the stage name for experienced musician, Leslie Dolby.  Leslie was the keyboardist and member of the children’s entertainment group, Do Re Let’s Play from 2008-2016.  In 2016, she began performing solo children’s shows as Rockin’ Red.  Leslie has a bachelors degree in music and has been performing her entire life.  With two young children of her own, she finds inspiration for writing her songs from everyday life.  Her shows are packed with fun since she isn’t afraid to be silly and goofy!  Leslie calls Sioux Falls, SD home but loves traveling for shows and meeting new friends.


For over a decade SaulPaul has earned an international reputation as a “Musician with a Message” who can entertain and educate any audience. He’s performed 2 TED talks as well as some of the world’s most esteemed music festivals. He has collaborated with artists from around the world and has also been featured on MTV, LA TIMES, ESPN Radio and countless other media outlets. Part rapper/part singer songwriter, SaulPaul is an entertaining artist who blends his voice, his guitar and his loop pedal to create a live show that is nothing less than an EXPERIENCE.


Señor Fancypants writes catchy indie-pop songs for children or anyone that has ever been a child. He is quickly developing a cult following in kindie music community and we are excited to have him join us for KindieComm 2018 so that you too can experience the unique spark that sets his pants apart from the rest of the world!


One of the newest entries to the Kindie community are The Microphone Doctors – not only are they energetic, enthusiastic and hungry to entertain – they have a powerful backstory that every performer needs to hear. We’re happy to have them join us at KindieComm 2018


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