Kindie Café


Each year in our post-event questionnaire, many folks offer interesting topics to discuss – points they’d like to make or tips/ideas they’d want to share. Some morph their way into a structured breakout session – however others, while just as important, might not warrant an official 45-minute session.

With that, last year The Kindie Café made its debut – held upstairs within the World Cafe Live. Consider this an open mic night with a twist. Instead of performing, we will encourage you to step up and share your ideas, thoughts, solutions – or perhaps a dilemma that you’d like some input on just how to handle … The Kindie Café will be moderated by Kathy or Robert (mostly to keep traffic flowing) and each person will have up to 5 minutes on the mic to share their thoughts. The hope is by offering yet another avenue for folks to interact with each other we can nurture new ideas, solutions and even help solve some of those issues you might be facing as a Kindie performer. The Kindie Café is a work-in-progress but we are excited to be able to keep this element as part of KindieComm.

Use the form below to submit your Kindie Café topic and we’ll do our best to schedule as many folks as possible during this unique platform.  

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