2020 Industry Showcase

As part of our next KindieComm, we are excited to host the 2020 KindieComm Industry Showcase – Saturday, April 4 at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia – starting 7pm. The Industry Showcase will continue the tradition of being basically a party for people doing music for families, with dozens of musicians gathering together to play for each other and folks in the industry. Held within the beautiful World Cafe Live venue, which was built from the ground-up with the musician in mind – the showcase is a chance to celebrate the wild, wonderful world of Kindie!

In past KindieComm gatherings we have featured a rounded selection of new names and established Kindie artists releasing new music — the hope is that the KindieComm Industry Showcase offers a musical snapshot of the Kindie industry as we look ahead!

KindieComm is proud to announce
the line up for the
2020 KindieComm Industry Showcase
Saturday, April 4
at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia!

ALASTAIR MOOCK / Boston, Massachusetts

Alastair Moock is a 2014 GRAMMY Nominee, two-time Parents’ Choice Gold Medal Winner, recipient of the ASCAP Children’s Music Award, and has twice been voted by the Fids & Kamily Industry Critics’ Poll among the Top 3 Albums of the Year. Long one of Boston’s premier folk artists, Alastair turned his attention to family music after the birth of his twin kids in 2006. The New York Times calls him “a Tom Waits for kids” and The Boston Globe declares that, “in the footsteps of Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie, Alastair Moock makes real kids music that parents can actually enjoy.” Moock and Friends’ live shows are rowdy, rootsy, singin’ and dancin’ fun for the whole family!


An indie pop-rock band for all insects and ages, Bee Parks and the Hornets perform high-energy concert parties that combine rockin’ music, puppetry and audience participation to inspire young people to get up and move — both with their feet and in their communities. With all-original songs that promote kindness, equality, self-confidence, social justice, environmental awareness and dancing your heart out, Bee Parks and the Hornets take audience members of all ages on a musical adventure that will open up spirits and imaginations.

BEPPIE / Edmonton, Alberta

Stephanie Nhan (Beppie) is a Juno nominated recording artist and an award winning music educator based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Beppie’s music is filled with imagination, humour, and the kind of radio quality production that appeals to audiences of all ages. She is pushing the boundaries of children’s music and stepping far out of the framework with her vivid imagery and genre bending songwriting.

GINALINA / Vancouver, British Columbia

Ginalina is a two-time JUNO nominated, and three-time CFMA nominated Western Canadian Artist of the Year.  Winsome, warm, and upbeat, Ginalina’s passion is using music to create memorable and meaningful connections with the community.  Her songs invite the audience to dance, sing, and play along, and are rooted in courage, kindness, and the power of presence.  She sings in English/French/Mandarin.  

KATHERINE DINES / Denver, Colorado

Katherine Dines is an award-winning children’s music songwriter, recording and teaching artist who performs throughout the world.  Since 1993, her concerts have captivated children and family audiences, and her Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta® MUSIC cds (11 in series) have garnered over 30 national awards– including a Grammy nomination and a Platinum record.  An advocate for literacy, the arts and education, Katherine serves on several national boards and presents keynote addresses at early childhood and library conferences.

KOO KOO KANGA ROO / Minneapolis, Minnesota

Koo Koo Kanga Roo is the dance-a-long show from Bryan and Neil, two friends who set out to experiment with live music and make it more fun. Armed with nothing more than an iPod, two mics and some gold sneakers, Koo Koo Kanga Roo puts on an all-ages dance party that invites everyone to join in.  With video streams in the multi-millions, these UNICEF Kid Power ambassadors have performed their extremely interactive shows at hundreds of elementary school gyms, bars, church basements and even nursing homes. This truly all-ages act has been described as “Sesame Street meets the Beastie Boys.” 

LALI BEGOOD / Barcelona, Spain

Lali BeGood is a singer-songwriter from Barcelona, Spain who does kindie rock for the child you hold by the hand and the one you carry inside. Her music is non-infantilized, fresh and personal in the way of writing music and talking with parents and children; contemporary values and intelligent lyrics with the mission of making a better world.  Her last album “Futur-Oh! (All Brothers, 2018)” is a new delivery of the most familiar and transversal kindie rock. Eleven tracks that go through funky, kid-hop, country, reggae, folk, rock, pop, cumbia and balkan music.  The English-Spanish version of “FUTUR-OH!” will be released early 2020.

LITTLE ROCKERS Southern New Jersey

Little Rockers is the culmination of a dream to create and produce music with each other. They met as teaching artists and soon realized they shared a passion to sing and perform together and to introduce music to kids and adults.  Inspired by the children at their classes and shows, they create different content to entertain and educate. They like to provide a cool and comfortable environment for anyone to experience the bliss of a shared musical experience, so they decided to create their own band, company and classes to do just that. They compose and produce all of the class music and curriculum together with songwriting input from Jessie’s mom, singer/songwriter Nancy Hartline, and their best friend and fellow Teaching Artist Liam Moroney.


Marsha and the Positrons are a kindie band known for shows that are a ton of family-friendly fun! Both playful and educational, our original songs about science and how the world works are entertaining for adults as well as kids. Besides getting audiences singing along and dancing to songs that inspire curiosity about science, they play traditional favorites, kid-appropriate pop covers and parodies. Their goal is to send families home with smiles on their faces, plant the seeds for good conversations, and share their positive energy with the audience!


Alina Celeste and Mi Amigo Hamlet met at KindieComm in 2017! In each other they found matching passions for Kindie music, for spreading a message of love and tolerance through our music and for teaching Spanish through music for children. In 2018 they teamed up for their new collaborative effort, called Being Bilingual Rocks! Their mission is to celebrate bilingualism and multiculturalism and encourage children to embrace new languages, ideas, and cultures. Pride in heritage, in abilities, in culture and a desire to learn more about all of it is what we leave behind. 

MO PHILLIPS / Portland, Oregon

Mo Phillips is a teaching artist and a fun time maker in Portland, Oregon. He writes and records songs, makes odd-ball videos, produces choose-your-own-adventure musicals, all in Mo-Fi. Mo-Fi is a way of making art centered on joy and exploration, primarily on inexpensive apps that do silly stuff.  When not teaching song writing in schools or shredding ukulele for the people, Mo is a dad. That’s his favorite job, the rest is just gravy. 

Mömandpöp / Little Rock, Arkansas

Mömandpöp creators, songwriters Bobby Matthews and Virginia Ralph have been working with kids, music, art, and theatre in some capacity since they met at Arkansas Governor’s School in 1985. They are a husband and wife musical comedy duo who have been performing together as Mömandpöp since 2015. Their two CDs, “Mömandpöp” and “Look Closer” both won Parents’ Choice Silver Honor awards, and their song “Take Care” was a #1 chart topper on Kids Place Live. A Mömandpöp live show is highly interactive, with colorful characters and fast costume changes, as Mömandpöp have several “guests” that make appearances!  

TWINKLE TIME / Los Angeles, California

Described as “like Lady Gaga for kids,” with a super pop sound mixed with a touch of Broadway belt, a sparkling soupçon of hip hop, and plenty of EDM glam, Twinkle has always danced to the beat of her own drum, breaking barriers, sound and otherwise, with both her music and Harajuku-style presentation. The daughter of a Peruvian mom and a Brooklyn-raised, Romanian-Jewish dad, Twinkle’s first language was Spanish. With sensitivity and balance, she incorporates both Spanish and English into every performance. In the last 5 years Twinkle and her band perform over 250 concerts per year nationwide and will be releasing her first full Spanish album in 2020.

WENDY & DB / Chicago, Illinois

Wendy & DB encourage the curiosity and imagination that already flourishes in children. Positive lyrics, a good melody and interesting rhythms are key ingredients to our songs. Puppets make their shows come to life! They want the whole family to have fun with their music. Parents’ Choice, NAPPA and Mom’s Choice Gold Award winners and 2018 Creative Child CD of the Year for “HomeEarth” their environmental album sure to make you and your child appreciate nature even more. Wendy and DB are currently working on Spring 2020 release “Hey Big World” and focusing on getting the arts back in the schools while exploring songs about science, language, arts, math and the BIG world!

YOSI / New Jersey

For over two decades, Yosi has created various interactive and educational themed shows that bring joy to thousands of young children and their adults at schools, libraries, and concert stages. Aside from performing solo, Yosi also performs with the Superdads! Yosi & The Superdads is a band made up of four dads who have 15 kids…all together! It’s a rock concert for the whole family! Aside from their general canon of music, Yosi & The Superdads have made a tradition celebrating Hanukkah – with an interactive and humorous family concert filled with Klezmer, ska, jazz, and, of course, rockin’ Hanukkah tunes – like a Cajun-infused ‘My Little Dreidel’, which would fit easily on a Grateful Dead or Buckwheat Zydeco album. You’ve never heard your classic Hanukkah songs done quite this way!

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