Extra! Extra! New Breakout Session Added

6a00d8341c652b53ef017ee8090101970d-800wiThe past decade has seen a huge expansion of kindie artists from all corners of America and abroad, each searching for ways to promote what they do to the masses.  While many of these artists have been embraced by the current crop of radio/tv programs and online sites that celebrate kindie music, there’s always room at the table for new online blogs and other alternate outlets to help spread the good word of Kindie to the masses!  The more, the better … after all, the mission of KindieComm is “it’s all about the music … for kids!”

Many of you are already familiar with Jeff Bogle, an at-home dad who writes humorously about parenting and All Things Childhood: music, books, toys, gaming, & culture on his site Out With The Kids. His work also frequently appears on The Huffington Post and The Good Men Project, among other print and online outlets.  Jeff agrees that the time has come to help nurture those interested in creating their own outlet to help celebrate the musical magic that is Kindie. As he wrote in a recent post for Cooper & Kid:

“For anyone who wants to be involved in children’s music and entertainment, there isn’t another event more worth attending than KindieComm. And for people like me, people who want to tell stories about childhood and about Kindie music and the wonderful cast of characters making it, there is a seat at the KindieComm table for us too. While not specifically advertised as such, KindieComm also will offer prospective media, radio, podcasters and the like the unique opportunity to learn how to begin covering one of the most exciting genre’s of music being made today. I for one will be on hand to help anyone who’d like to start writing a blog about children’s media, to make sense of how to get in touch with the primo PR folks and artists working in that field today and how to pitch kindie-themed stories to bigger media outlets, as well as to assist anyone who’d like to start a podcast which spins and/or discusses kindie music. And I won’t be alone, many of my peers in radio, TV, web publishing and podcasting will be there to assist the next generation of media wishing to cover the kindie beat.”

That said, KindieComm is excited to announce a late entry into our itinerary with the Breakout session EXTRA EXTRA:  Covering Kindie. Joining Jeff will be Kathy O’Connell – who is currently celebrating 30 years of  playing and promoting music for kids on the radio, the past 26 years as host of Kids Corner on WXPN-FM in Philadelphia PA – and Dave Loftin, host of the Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl on WAWL in Chattanooga, TN since 2006. We’re sure a few other folks who’ve been doing what they do to promote kindie music successfully for years will join us in the room as well. Together we hope to help answer questions and offer guidance and advice as you launch your own outlet designed to celebrate Kindie music!

Don’t forget – early bird registration ends FRIDAY MAY 23 … so save some money and register today! 

Register here: wx.pn/kindiecomm  

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