2016 KindieComm Industry Showcase

World Cafe Live in Philadelphia
World Cafe Live in Philadelphia

As part of our next KindieComm, we are excited to host the 2016 KindieComm Industry Showcase – Saturday, April 2 at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia – starting 8pm.

The Industry Showcase will continue the tradition of being basically a party for people doing music for families, with dozens of musicians gathering together to play for each other and folks in the industry. Held within the beautiful World Cafe Live venue, which was built from the ground-up with the musician in mind – the showcase is a chance to celebrate the wild, wonderful world of Kindie!

Over the past two years we have featured a rounded selection of new names and established Kindie artists releasing new music — the hope is that the KindieComm Industry Showcase offers a musical snapshot of the Kindie industry as we look ahead!

KindieComm is proud to announce the line up for the 2016 KindieComm Industry Showcase – Saturday, April 2 at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia!

(in alphabetical order)

The_Boogers_by_Peter_Wochniak-72THE BOOGERS

The Boogers are the brainchild of Dr. Paul Crowe. Fatherhood, a PhD in Developmental Psychology, and 20 years of sloggin’ it in wretched clubs as a punk rocker – even opening for Dee Dee Ramone and Marky Ramone – formed Paul’s vision of the Boogers. As Crusty Booger, he marries these experiences to make developmentally appropriate rock and punk rock and prefer to be on the road, bringing their unique brand of rock to kids and their rockin’ parents.


Chibi Kodama is a family band – the Cullimore Family to be more specific. A mom, dad and 5 little girls and no strangers to the struggles of parenting and family life. Their music was born from these struggles and their desire to turn them into fun. They love art, and they really love rock music. Their aim is simple: they want to make fun, loud, electronic rock music that young ones and their parents can enjoy at high volumes and be encouraged by. Plain and simple. They want to help you smile, sing along and love each other more through music. Not a bad plan.

ernie-and-neal-3-croppedERNIE & NEAL

Anyone who has seen them live knows Ernie & Neal‘s spunk and enthusiasm truly knows no bounds. Typical of a show is the entire audience, young and old alike, dancing in – and out – their seats as Ernie & Neal explore many different genres of music like rock and roll, reggae, ska, jazz, folk, bluegrass and more. Ernie & Neal’s musical themes run the gamut of creative expression. While rocking out, they also feature an enthusiastic musical combination of singing, playing, storytelling, entertaining and educating.


The Green Orbs are brother and sister duo Ed RosenBerg III and Heather Hirshfield. When they were little, Heather used to sneak all of her spinach onto Ed’s plate…..but now they write music together! Their music has been featured on the children’s app Mibblio and on YouTube. The Green Orbs celebrate silly situations through song in the hopes that kids of all ages will laugh and sing along.


The Human Lard Dog is a cartoon character come-to-life who descends from planet Belopio on a Giant Pretzel to take you and your family on a musical journey of absurdism, frivolity, and unbridled joy. Lard Dog and his 6-piece Band of Shy invite you to their unique audio-visual universe complete with catchy songs, interactive props, multi-media graphics. While you may not know what the songs mean at first, you don’t doubt that the Lard Dog believes every word. This lends weight to catch phrases like “shyness is power” and “slurp the noodle of life.”



Lucy Kalantari brings lightness to your heart and a warm smile to your face with her collection of ukulele ditties complete with a 1920s flair about the wonders of love, being a mom, and babies.  Lucy urges you to take a listen, especially if you adore a 1920s inspired jazzy sound with oodles of whimsy, and a rich, warm melody that is simply full of joy. After one performance you too will be ‘smitten as a kitten with big ball of yarn!’  Winner of a Parents’ Choice Silver Honor Award, Lucy has also earned a place in The Best Kids Music of 2014, by Cooper & Kid and was featured in Parents Magazine January 2015 Tablet edition.


Born out of the Old Town School of Folk Music then fledging musician John Joyce went to take some harmonica classes and ended up taking a bunch of guitar lessons. After meeting other interested musicians (Don, Alton and Pete), mastering 3 chords, writing some lyrics that amused his daughter, a father/son drummer exchange and finally forming a band! The Poochamungas went on to record Mud, Mommies and Mayhem and play a bunch of gigs (block parties to festivals) the next few years.  The Poochamungas believe that good music should know no age and singing, dancing and general silliness is the rule of the day when this band comes to play!


As a young child, Rita began singing publicly in her home country of Cuba. She came to the United States, enrolled at the University of Miami Dade and quickly learned that the new terrain demanded that she create a path and celebrate Hispanic arts for bilingual children usually descendant of immigrants. Besides her solo performances, Rita is also the director of the West Miami Children’s Choir. Rita is proud to offer her music, steeped in Afro-Caribbean rhythms, and seasoned with a genuine and educational message of understanding and acceptance.


Imagine that Deep Purple and Sly and the Family Stone had a love child that grew up in New Orleans listening to Ray Charles, Black Sabbath and Booker T. That love child would be the Sugar Free Allstars. With their diverse musical influences and unusual instrumentation, this funky organ/drum duo from Oklahoma City can be hard to classify. The music blends New Orleans funk, Memphis soul and Hammond organ-drenched gospel, wrapped in a colorful rock and roll package. Add to the mix a touch of pop songwriting sensibilities, humor and a high-energy live show and you’ve got the Sugar Free Allstars.

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