KindieComm Update

When we created KindieComm in 2013, we already knew the kindie market pretty well, thanks to 25+ years of Kids Corner on WXPN and Kathy’s own pioneering work in radio for kids. We had established relationships with musicians throughout the world and knew the value of their music in our audience’s lives. What we didn’t realize was the depth of talent creating music for families…So many MORE artists than we realized, such a wide variety of musical styles and approaches – – some regionally established, others jumping into uncharted waters. It is exhilarating to see how deep the kindie pool truly is!

kindie-logo-03After three successful KindieComm gatherings, one thing stands out: the kindie artist truly defines the term “independent musician,” both in genre and in spirit. You are musicians who sell product from your trunk, who put your families to work (sometimes on stage, sometimes behind the scenes). You are creative people stringing things together to live the dream of performing music for a richly satisfying and poorly paying audience. And we are grateful that so many of you use KindieComm as a tool for collaboration and networking.

We have heard from many of you who want to be at KindieComm annually, but just cannot swing it. We appreciate the various burdens inherent in travelling to Philadelphia each year for KindieComm. We get it.

So – we’ve decided to make KindieComm a biennial gathering — the next event will be spring 2018. 

WAIT! Before you shed a tear, have no fear! To fill the void between gatherings, KindieComm is going viral. We will be producing a series of podcasts, hosting interactive online chats bringing experts in to share their knowledge, and creating a virtual KindieComm community!

You have told us that the social aspect of KindieComm is most valuable to you, so we’ll be coordinating regional KindieComm MeetUps. We envision informal gatherings at local watering holes where Kindie folks can meet face-to-face to share ideas, stories and contacts. More on the KindieComm MeetUps shortly as we’ll be reaching out to look for regional hosts to help with this idea.

By making KindieComm a bi-annual gathering, we believe it allows enough time for all artists to work it into their budget and their travel/touring plans. The success of KindieComm is rooted in attendance. We want EVERYONE to join us! This only works if we’re all in it together.

Following this year’s KindieComm, we reflected on our role as the producers of the event. Our big takeaway: it’s all about the artists. We feel strongly that our greatest value is providing support to the musicians. Our mission is to create a supportive and responsive environment—both virtual and real— to help you make your musical dreams happen. We want to bring everyone together: newcomers to the genre along with longtime performers and superstars of family entertainment.

At the very least, we are going to try.

So – that’s our news! Let us know what you think!

Kathy & Robert

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