The Doctor Is In…

⚠️ BREAKING NEWS! ⚠️ After several weeks of behind-the-scenes planning, we  are beyond excited to announce that our special VIP guests for KindieComm 2018 are the one and only Dr. Demento and Osaka Popstar frontman John Cafiero,  producer of the new compilation Dr. Demento Covered in Punk! John Cafiero and Dr. Demento  photo: Paul Redmond usedContinue reading “The Doctor Is In…”

Countdown To KindieComm

IT’S ON! We are officially counting down the days until we gather together once again for another KindieComm celebration of kindie music! Early bird registration is now open – and we continue to keep registration the same price as always; $75 – which includes both a continental breakfast and buffet lunch. Early bird rates will stayContinue reading “Countdown To KindieComm”